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Collaboration in Typefully
Collaboration in Typefully
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Upgrade to the Team plan to start collaborating.

If you need to create more than 2 teams — for example to work with many clients on different projects — you’ll need to upgrade to the new Agency plan.

You can see the full pricing here.

💫 Create team and share accounts

If you want to collaborate with other people, you should first create a team:

Then add the 𝕏 accounts you want to collaborate on to that team (or connect new ones):

If you don’t have the 𝕏 credentials of the accounts where you want to publish and collaborate, you can invite the person who does as an Admin to the team, so they can add that account to the team.

In this example, I’ve invited Francesco as an Admin and he can connect other 𝕏 accounts to the team:

From the same Manage Team interface, you can invite other people to join the team with their own Typefully accounts and different permissions.

It’s important to notice that you don’t need anyone’s 𝕏 credentials to collaborate — simply create send invites so they can log in to Typefully and join the team.

You and your teammates will only be able to schedule and publish on the accounts that you (or any team admin) have explicitly added to the team.

Invite your teammates or clients

You can invite via email or create invite links for your teams.

Someone that received your invite link needs to log in to Typefully for free with their peronal Twitter account to accept the invite.

💡 Invite with Admin role to let the invited person connect their Twitter accounts to the team, and share it with you.

Accept an invite

When you receive a Typefully invite link, you can accept it within Typefully to instantly gain access to any team shared accounts.


While a team member edits a draft, that draft is locked and other people won’t be able to edit it at the same time, to prevent conflicts.

Real-time collaborative editing will come in the future.


While you create an invite, or even after it’s accepted, you can set permissions for any member of the team.

  • Read only. They’ll only be able to view the content of the team accounts.

  • Write. They’ll be able to create and edit drafts.

  • Write & Publish. They’ll be able to also schedule, publish, and manage the Typefully Profile as well.

  • Admin. They’ll also be able to manage the team and invite other people.

Real-time collaborative editing

More collaborative features will come in the future. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback by clicking on your avatar in Typefully and then Help.

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