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Engagement Tools for 𝕏 / Twitter
Engagement Tools for 𝕏 / Twitter
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We offer various features that will help you boost the engagement on your X/Twitter posts that are posted through Typefully.

They will help you to grow your audience faster.


This option allows you to automatically reshare your content after a specific number of hours or days. This can help increase engagement or reach followers in different time zones.

In the video below, you can also see how we set 24 hours as a default for new posts:

We clean up retweets!
To keep you profile clean, we automatically remove every automatic retweets after 24 hours.


With Automatic Direct Messages you can incentivize users to like / comment / repost your tweets, boosting engagement and reaching thousands of new followers.

It’s a proven method to build a bigger audience.

Here is how to set up an Auto-DM campaign in Typefully:


When your content gets a lot of engagements or even goes viral, you can take the opportunity to automatically add a reply with a link or follow-up. This will catch the attention of everyone who is engaging with the tweet, and also bump it again in people’s timelines.

To set this up, just click on the auto-plug toggle to write the follow-up tweet beforehand, and choose the engagement threshold that, when hit, will attach the tweet to your content.

Unroll & Publish to profile

Check out this page to learn more: 🧵Unroll and share your threads.

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