Auto-DM Campaigns
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Typefully's Automatic DM feature lets you send a direct message to people who interact with your tweets, automatically — for example, you can ask people to retweet or reply to one of your tweets, and then the DM will automatically be sent.

You can use this feature to create giveaways: in fact, a common use case is to offer a valuable resource to those who complete the requested action: reply, retweet, or follow. This usually creates high engagement and helps you gain followers.

How to enable Auto-DMs

You will find Auto-DM settings in the publish modal:

Limits and Important Notes

  • DM daily limits

    Per 𝕏 / Twitter policy, you can only send up to 500 DMs per day. DMs exceeding this limit will be queued and sent in the following days.

  • Sending frequency

    DMs are sent in batches every few minutes, after publication of your tweet/thread.

  • For how long Auto-DMs campaigns run

    Auto-DMs are enabled on tweets/threads for 3 days after publication. After that, we will no longer check for new replies, retweets, or follows.

Mentioning DMs in the first tweet

When using Auto DMs, you must mention in the first tweet of your post that you will be sending a DM to people who interact with your tweet to avoid violating 𝕏 / Twitter’s Spam Policy and keep your account safe.

Here are some examples of phrases to include in your first tweet to stay in the clear:

  • “Like & RT and I will send you…”

  • “Reply 👋 and I will DM you…”

  • “Reply and retweet and I will message you…”

Direct messages statuses

After starting an Auto-DM campaign, you will see a recap at the top of the Auto DMs modal, always accessible from the draft detail in the Published tab, showing total DMs for each one of these states.

  • Sent: DMs that have been successfully sent to users.

  • Queued: These DMs will be sent ASAP, respecting the daily sending limits listed in previous sections.

  • Failed: DMs that Typefully tried to send, but failed, most commonly because the recipient had closed DMs, did not follow you, or had a protected account and could not be DM’d.

Tips and Tricks

Always ask for likes

Even if you can’t technically filters for likes when sending Auto-DMs (due to 𝕏 API limitations), it helps to boost the reach of your tweet if you ask to like your tweet nonetheless.

Use variables to personalize your DMs

Using variables can make your DMs feel less automated and increase the success rate of sending them.

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