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Engagement Tools for 𝕏 / Twitter
Engagement Tools for 𝕏 / Twitter
Updated over a week ago

We offer various features that will help you boost the engagement on your X/Twitter posts that are posted through Typefully.

They will help you to grow your audience faster.


This option allows you to automatically reshare your content after a specific number of hours or days. This can help increase engagement or reach followers in different time zones.

In the video below, you can also see how we schedule a retweet for our post 6 hours after publication:

We clean up auto-retweets after 12 hours
To keep you profile page clean from past retweets, we automatically remove every auto-retweet after 12 hours.


With Automatic Direct Messages you can incentivize users to like / comment / repost your tweets, boosting engagement and reaching thousands of new followers.

It’s a proven method to build a bigger audience.

Here is how to set up an Auto-DM campaign in Typefully:


When your content gets a lot of engagements or even goes viral, you can take the opportunity to automatically add a reply with a link or follow-up. This will catch the attention of everyone who is engaging with the tweet, and also bump it again in people’s timelines.

To set this up, just click on the auto-plug toggle to write the follow-up tweet beforehand, and choose the engagement threshold that, when hit, will attach the tweet to your content.

Unroll & Publish to profile

Check out this page to learn more: 🧵Unroll and share your threads.

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