Tags & Metadata
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To make your writing experience smoother and more complete, Typefully supports adding tags and other metadata to your drafts.

In fact, if you open the right-hand sidebar, you’ll be able to:

  • Add an internal title to your draft (it will only be shown inside Typefully)

  • Add tags to organize it and search it (more on this below)

  • Take notes inside a dedicated scratchpad which supports to-dos as well (by starting a line with empty square brackets)

Adding and Creating Tags

If you’re on the Creator plan or above, you can create tags and add them to your drafts.

You can add and even create tags simply by typing in the draft tags editor:

Filtering Drafts by Tags

Thanks to our Command Bar — which you can open with ⌘ K on Mac and ctrl K on Windows or with the 🔎 icon in the left sidebar — you can filter your drafts by any existing tag.

This allows you to:

  • See drafts with only certain tags

  • Filter your Queue as well

  • Quickly create new drafts with those tags applied

Tagged Drafts in the Calendar

Tagging your draft has another benefit. Tags are shown in the Calendar page, and you can even filter the calendar view by tag.

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