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Repurpose Your Published Posts
Repurpose Your Published Posts
Updated over a week ago

A great way to come up with new content consistently is to repurpose your published posts. Typefully makes it easy to do so.

One way is to go to your Published posts in the left drafts sidebar, click the "..." button on a draft, and finally hit "Duplicate in Drafts".

Another way to repurpose your posts is to click on the Scheduled filter in your left drafts sidebar, then click on "Choose" on an empty schedule slot, and in the modal that opens up finally click on "Repurpose published posts" to choose a post to schedule and edit.

To make repurposing even easier, remember to click the Vesper AI sparkles ✨ button (or press Command + J on Mac or Ctrl + J on Windows) to invoke our AI rewriters. This will make it easier to change or improve the original post.

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