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Earn with Typefully’s Affiliate Program
Earn with Typefully’s Affiliate Program
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So you’ve joined Typefully’s Affiliate Program and you’re ready to start earning. Here are some ideas to earn your first commissions right away.

1. Get your affiliate link

You can find your affiliate link in your Affiliate Dashboard, and also in Typefully’s affiliate settings:

2. Check these affiliate resources

Our brand assets page contains official images you can use, and our changelog will give you a better view of our current feature set:

3. Unroll your threads

If you’ve set up Typefully as explained in step 1 above, the next time you write with Typefully make sure to Unroll and share your threads to earn more commissions.

In fact, when you unroll a thread with Typefully, it gets a dedicated beautiful page, optimized to be shared even on other social networks.

Signups coming from your unrolled threads will count as affiliate visits.

4. Get a Typefully Profile

Typefully Profiles are a great way to showcase your best Twitter content.

Just like unrolled threads, if people signup to Typefully and convert to a paid plan after visiting your Typefully Profile, you’ll earn commissions.

5. Write about Typefully

We love it when our affiliates tell their followers, subscribers, or listeners about Typefully.

We think Typefully especially resonates with these audiences:

  • Twitter creators

  • Writers

  • Tech-savvy people and tech enthusiasts

  • People who are passionate about the creator economy

  • People who are trying to build a social media following

If you want to write about it, make sure to always use your affiliate links wherever you mention Typefully.

Here are some handy paragraphs you can use as reference when you mention us:

  • Typefully lets you write, schedule, and publish amazing tweets and threads on Twitter.

  • It gives you detailed analytics and insights to find out what content works and brings you the most followers.

  • With Typefully you can create a content schedule to publish consistently, and engage your followers.

  • Typefully is a must-have for Twitter creators who are serious about crafting quality content and engaging their audiences meaningfully.

  • Typefully provides advanced tools aimed at growing faster on Twitter. For example, you can set up automatic retweets for your tweets and threads, and even automatically plug a follow-up tweet to the best performing content.

6. Mention Typefully in your newsletter

It’s worth mentioning this separately because newsletters are a great way to make people discover Typefully.

If you tell your audience about it by following the tips above, you might see great results in terms of sign-ups and commissions paid.

7. Create videos about Typefully

We love when creators review Typefully. Here’s a great example:

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