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Typefully’s Affiliate Program
Typefully’s Affiliate Program
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If you have a big Twitter following or social media presence, or a popular newsletter or podcast, becoming a Typefully affiliate can be a great way to earn passive income.

We have affiliates making thousands of dollars by joining our program. Read on to find out how.

🤑 Already a Typefully affiliate? Maximize your earnings.

Why become an affiliate?

Typefully is used by 60,000+ creators to grow their audience on Twitter, and craft engaging tweets and threads.

By becoming an affiliate:

  • You get a 20% recurring commission for every user that comes from your referral link and upgrades to our paid plans.

  • You’ll get high-quality brand assets that you can then use on your website.

  • The cookie will last for 30 days. As long as your referrals come back within those 30 days (and upgrades to a paid plan) you'll still earn the revenue on that sale.

  • We have an affiliate dashboard where you can view your total visitors, leads, and conversions. You'll also be able to see how much commission you've earned.

  • You will be notified, by email, whenever you earn a new commission.

How will you get paid?

  • The payments will be made monthly through PayPal, once your cumulated referral fee hits at least $50.

Become an affiliate in 1 minute

Get started on our Affiliate Dashboard:

Important: set up your affiliate username in Typefully:

How to maximize earnings as an affiliate? 🤑

We’ve prepared a guide to help you make the most of our program:

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