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Why Does my 𝕏 Thread Appear Broken?
Why Does my 𝕏 Thread Appear Broken?
Updated over a week ago

πŸ“£ Update

We finally got word from the 𝕏 team that they've detected and fixed this issue.

Read below to find out what the issue, but this shouldn't happen again. Please let us know if your thread still appears broken by clicking the Help button in the bottom left Typefully menu.

You may have noticed that the threads on your 𝕏 profile appear "broken" or disordered.

For instance, upon visiting your 𝕏 profile, the latest tweets might appear first, followed by the first tweet, and then the rest. Or when you open your published thread on 𝕏, it may seem to stop prematurely at a certain tweet, such as the ninth or tenth.

This is not an issue with Typefully: the problem lies within the 𝕏 algorithm, which is beyond our control.

Sometimes the 𝕏 algorithm fails to pick up that a thread is, in fact, a thread and therefore creates the issues described above.
Usually, clicking on any tweet in the thread will actually display the tweets in the correct order for most users, but it is indeed a known issue.
​We're in touch with the 𝕏 Developers team and they're also tracking the issue internally, so hopefully the situation will improve in the future.

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